IPR Law Group Expertise and Value

In 2010, Rick Gregory created the Intellectual Property boutique, IPR Law Group. With offices in Silicon Valley, Austin and Houston, we offer clients nationwide the depth of knowledge and experience found at a large firm, but with a singular focus on IP – the expertise of the few without the overhead of the many. The result: IPR Law Group clients get the highest quality service by specialists in IP law at rates that are significantly lower than our large-firm colleagues.

 Defending What’s Intangible Yet Priceless

Protecting the originality that differentiates our clients and makes them successful is what we do. So, whether you are working in the private sector, under a government contract, or in your own garage, we are committed to defending your most valuable assets – your ideas. IPR Law Group partners with clients to evaluate, develop and maximize the value of their intellectual property by filing for and regularly securing patents in the areas of technology relating to the electrical arts including hardware and software, mechanical arts including medical devices and the chemical arts. IPR Law Group also provides a full range of services in the areas of trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets including evaluations, filings, registrations and protections, and corporate transactional law. Thanks to our many years of service in the U.S. military and government, IPR Law Group is also adept at guiding clients through issues relating to intellectual property developed under, or directed to government contracts.

The IPR Law Group Advantage

With decades of IP law practice under our belts, we have the experience you are looking for and our work as hands-on scientists means we can bridge the language barrier with your engineers. But it is our time spent in the real world, running real businesses and dealing with investors of all types that qualifies us to partner with our clients. Really partner with them. We have the experience and know-how to speak to investors, board members, CFOs and CEOs about burgeoning technology, how to capture and build its value and secure its brand. Whether you are just starting out or weathering challenging times, we can help to negotiate the terrain. Our extensive experience working with venture capitalists and other investors means we can provide unique insights into how to maximize your company’s value based in part on your IP portfolio.